Adjust your personal backlog with drag & drop

Do you know what it’s like to be in the flow?

I’ve been feeling that way the last couple of days. That’s how I’ve been working on BacklogPro. It is a pleasure to see how the individual pieces of the puzzle fit together.

While a few functions were used in our Backlog-Refinement last Thursday, 5 new ideas were created. That’s what I love about this agile work: The dynamic with which ideas are created and implemented at short notice. This way the product and the delivered added value is in focus instead of long-term planning and analysis.

In today’s update there are again some great additions:

  • The private backlog can now be sorted by drag and drop.
  • It will be displayed if Drag&Drop is possible in the current list.
  • Filters now also support labels that contain a colon or hyphen
  • Inviting users is now possible
  • On the Rate-View page you now have access to the label filters

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