And the journey begins…

In the begining of this year, our team at mobfish decided to throw our “roadmap-project-planning-approach” away and get finally started with scrum. Beeing a highly innovative and agile startup. Scrum sounded like a great fit to get our project management the right drive.

Easier said then done…

We started working with scrum by dumping our 400+ existing issues and ideas into our backlog. Starting to sort them in various planning-poker meetings, postit-sessions or nightlong discussions.

Wow, what a madness – We discovered the diversity of our team in a new way! 6 people 8 opionions.

How could we every dig through our backlog and refine it? And how can it be done in a decent time period?

We wanted to get started with our first sprint without spending weeks in poker-sessions and discussions.

Thats were the idea for backlogpro came up. We wanted to have an easy to use toolkit, that helps us to get our product backlog sorted and refined.

So our MVP was born, having the following functions:

  • Importing Issues from GitLab
  • Rating effort for all issues
  • Rating value for all issues
  • Show differences within the team
  • Display all tickets in a value-effort matrix
  • Rank issues with the best value-effort ratio

The MVP was created in one of our Hacking-Fridays (special days, where mobfish members can spend time on their own projects) + a couple extra hours.

After using the tool for about two month now, giving us a sorted backlog and a good start with scrum. We decided to release this project to everybody.

That’s what this page is all about. Keeping you posted about the project updates.

So whats planned for the next weeks and months?

  • Adding self-signup service to
  • Starting a closed alpha and open the tool for more teams and early adopters
  • Adding other repositories
  • Keeping you up to date with all new ideas and features.

Feel free to text us or give us feedback. We are looking forward to launch a new product with you!


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