Getting ready for closed alpha

The last days have been very busy days! Covid-19 has changed the daily business of a lot of our clients. We try to stay updated with our sales funnel. Customer requests changed. Priorities changed and finally also our vision of the next 2 years has changed a little bit. So many items to keep track of. Our agile framework kept us on track during these stormy days.

The experience of the last 6 weeks motivates us to continue to go full throttle. They have shown us how important it is to keep the overview. We want to share these experiences and our toolset with other agile teams in the world.

With today’s update we have come closer to our goal again. We’re working on the last building sites to make BacklogPro available to a closed circle of beta testers.

Today the following things were completed:

  • The registration process
  • Project setup for new projects
  • User administration

The last points for the test run:

  • Separate test environments
  • Rights and roles
  • User setting
  • password recovery
  • Minor bug fixes and tweaks

In the meantime, we were able to give our website a coat of paint as well. I like it much better.

I’ll be happy when the remaining pieces of the puzzle are put together and we can present a first runnable alpha version.

All the best

(Feature-Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash)

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